Who is the Mastermind behind Harajuku Dream?, Who created it? who is maerin?
Who is Maerin?
hi and welcome to the about me page of the webmaster also known as maerin(marin), I don't really think there's anything interesting to read about me, and I don't know if all this information will fit in this small container

Harajuku Dream is a personal website programmed and brought to life by me, to be used to express my inner self that I've hidden for a while, Since then I was never really interested in coding last 2 years but that changed when I heard about the idea of creating your own website, I was like "I can create a website with html?, Hm I should try it out" then after that I learned html and css codes then created my first layout, named 'Dango' which can still be accessed(it's broken omg) after that, I've seen a lot of pretty layouts and tried to replicate it a little, after some months I've improved in coding, then created vocaland then Harajuku Dream.

now.. I would describe myself as a introverted girl.. I don't really talk much in real life because of that incident last week, it affected my mental health and I chose to distant myself from my close classmates to not harm my mental health further (after i found out they were the ones spreading petty lies), I'm very emotional, even the smallest things can already make me cry, but if I would describe myself in real life, i'm just a caring, supportive and helpful person, I'm very shy and I fear a lot of things like the dark and being bitten or scratched by animals, and much more stuff
So Who is the webmaster?I'll start with the typical, I'm maerin, a teenager from Philippines. I (kinda) grew up with the internet and I'm just another loser on the internet( ; ω ; ) if your wondering why I'm always updating my site everyday in the early stages of development of dango is because I was working on it while it was summer vacation. I really love watching rom-com and pokemon it just holds a very special place in my heart! I usually listen to j-pop or indie music,as it brings me joy and happiness just by listening to it! and yes I have a HUGE obsession with sunflowers you can already tell lmao, I also enjoy playing RPG, horror, and any games it just brings me a smile on my face playing with friends! Don't be shy to interact with me I would love to be your friend!

I hope this page gave you an insight about the webmasterヾ(@^∇^@)ノ!, It honestly gave me a hard time writing how should I describe myself(´-ω-`) I am not really fluent with english which made it a little difficult to use words which are unfamiliar to me, I apologize if my grammer is trash (╥ᆺ╥;) I am not fluent in filipino also since I speak in english more

Discord: .pastriexlli
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